Building Your Garden

Step 3: Build Your Garden

Now you have your plan in place, it’s time to build! For a traditional garden, “building” means preparing the land for tilling by removing rocks, trees, bushes, grass, weeds, etc.

If you are growing in raised beds or square foot gardens, you will still need to prepare the land by clearing a spot for your new garden bed. In addition, you need to build the bed itself. This can be as simple as purchasing a kit online, at your local nursery, or home improvement store. If you are handy, you might try building your own.

Building from kits

Building a Square Foot Garden (Vinyl Kit)
Building an Easy Garden Box (Metal & Vinyl Kit)
Elevated Garden Boxes

Building from scratch

Building a Square Foot Garden (Wood)
Building a Square Foot Garden (Vinyl)

Cost Comparisons

Building vs. Buying Cost Comparison
Updated–Buying Sources and Cost Comparison

Building Accessories

How to Build a Drip Irrigation System
Garden in Minutes Irrigation System
Vertical and Horizontal Trellises
Building Tomato Cages
Building a PVC Light Frame Kit

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