Gardening Basics

Gardening Basics makes gardening EASY!

Gardening Basics will teach you how to design, build, plant, and water your garden.

Feeling overwhelmed? Do you have tons of questions and no idea how to find the answers? You’re not alone! Listen to common questions that are ANSWERED in my e-books. . .

Where do I begin? I really want to get into gardening, but just don’t have the first clue how or where to start.”
“What are the differences between square foot gardening vs traditional gardening?”
“I can’t decide were the best place is to put my garden. By the house? Away from the house?”
“Any suggestions on what materials to use for building our boxes?”
“I have very shallow, shaly soil.” “We have very rocky soil.” “My backyard is pretty much hard clay.”
“What is a good combination of components to make up the soil in my garden?”
“What are the easiest vegetables and fruits for a beginner gardener to grow?”
“What vegetables help other vegetables grow when grown together?”
“Where can I find what I can grow and when to plant where I live?”
“What is a good way to have automatic watering for the plants?”
“How to use what I grow?”

Gardening Basics teaches you step by step . . .

Simple instructions to help you design your own garden beds, including location, size, shape, etc. Step by step instructions for building garden beds out of wood.
Is your soil rocky, clay, sandy, acidic, or just plain bad? Follow this recipe to create the perfect soil! Walks you through creating a garden layout, and has several sample plans as well.
Lists of vegetables to grow–includes suggested veggies for beginners, plant spacing, whether to start from seed or buy plants. How to plant seeds, harden off and plant transplants. Includes an explanation of plant spacing.
Review of many different watering options, from hand watering, to automated drip irrigation. Wow! A complete companion planting guide in the index. Know what to plant next to each other.
Fun and delicious recipes to help you enjoy the fresh veggies!

Hear what others LIKE YOU have to say

I just got your book a few days ago, and I am so impressed!  I really needed this.  This is my 3rd year gardening, and I realize that my lack of success is from my lack of organization.  I just want someone else to lay it out for me and I will be happy to water it and pull the harvest.  Thank you for your hard work.  I am telling all my garden friends about it, so I hope they get your book.  I just think it is awesome that you decided to market this very simple and useful idea!  That would have taken me hours upon hours, and I would not have even thought to do it!  Yesterday I stuffed all my seeds for the year into their corresponding pouch!

See it in action . . .

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