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Gardening Methods

Choosing a Method
Why Choose Square Foot Gardening?
Aquaponic Gardening
Container Gardening

Design Your Garden

Designing Your Square Foot Garden Beds
For help designing traditional beds, check out one of these books:

Building Your Garden

Building from kits

SFG Vinyl Kit
Easy Garden Box (Metal & Vinyl Kit)
Elevated Garden Boxes
Other Kits Available on

Building from scratch

SFG with Wood
SFG with Vinyl

Cost Comparisons

Building vs. Buying Cost Comparison
Updated–Buying Sources and Cost Comparison

Building Accessories

Drip Irrigation System
Garden in Minutes Irrigation System
Vertical and Horizontal Trellises
Tomato Cages
PVC Light Frame Kit

Soil (for your raised bed)

Soil Options
Mel’s Mix Soil
My Mix
Bulk Composts Sources in Utah
Soil Testing
Each method of gardening will have different needs when it comes to soil. I suggest finding a good book written by someone who specializes in the method you use, or who lives in the same region.

Create Your Garden Plan

How to Create a Garden Plan or Layout
Plant Spacing in a Square Foot Garden
Easiest Vegetables for Gardening Success
Suggested Plant Varieties
Companion Planting
Share Your Garden Plan

Purchase Supplies

Spring Gardening Checklist
Organizing Your Seeds
Buying Seeds and Plants
Suggested Plant Varieties

Starting Seeds Indoors

Should I Start Seeds Indoors?
How to Start Seeds Indoors
Why You Need Grow Lights
How to Build a PVC Light Frame

Plant Your Garden

Types of Plants
Gardening Patterns
When to Plant Your Garden
Planting By Color System
Plant Spacing in a Square Foot Garden
Suggested Plant Varieties
Companion Planting
How to Plant Seeds and Plants

Watering Your Garden

Watering Options for Your Garden
How to Build a Drip Irrigation System
Garden in Minutes Irrigation System

Fertilizer, Problems, and Pests

Testing the Soil
Fertilizing Onions
Common Problems and Solutions
Organic Pest Solutions
Protecting with Fences

Supporting and Pruning

Trellises and Cages
Building Tomato Cages
Pruning Tomatoes
Staking and Pruning Zucchini


Gardening Basics
Planting By Color
Vegetable Reference Sheet
Gardening Bundle (save 25%)

Vegetable Reference Sheets


Sample Garden Plans

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