2012 Gardening Season in Review

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5 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    The root vegetables will not have enough room to grow if they are competing with others right next to them. Thin once they have grown some true leaves, and you can tell which is the strongest. It’s best to snip off the tops with scissors, pulling them out can bring the others with them!

  2. Rachel says:

    I have a question about thinning root vegetables, and thinning in general. How do you know when the sprouts are ready to be thinned? For example I planted 2-3 radish seeds in 16 holes in one square – they have all sprouted – do I have to thin each one, or will the radishes grow fine if I don’t thin them?

  3. Kathy says:

    Ooo, love your trellis. I’d love to have a cattle panel like that. I’m going to grow cukes in my SFG this year, too, but I’m going to stack two of the inexpensive tomato cages with a tall stake down the middle for support. I just want a couple plants, so I’m going to try just 2/square and see how it goes.

    We’re the opposite on carrots, though — we can’t plant enough of them! This year I’m going to try starting them in April (instead of May last year) to see if I can’t get more of them in. I had a really hard time getting a second sowing to germinate in July, so if I can push the first sowing back a month, hopefully they’ll be established before it gets really hot and we’ll have a second harvest in the fall.

  4. Vivian Baumgard says:

    Sometimes we can’t discern a taste difference but the actual nutritional value is very different. Plus, you are aware of what, if any, chemicals your plants are exposed to. This is also true for eggs!

  5. Jake says:

    The wife grew sweet potatoes this year on a lark. She had a couple empty squares (late start first time she grew anything on her own)

    Mixed results. I’d say they were crowded a bit, but some of them came out huge.

    Flavor wise though no difference with store bought. And so long as they are in the 15cents a pound range I think I’ll still grow other things instead. But if you have some space to spare go for it, she had fun with them.