Another Way to Organize Seeds

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3 Responses

  1. Caroline says:

    Hey Emily, If you’ve already got the seeds in ziplocks, why not try a makeup roll-up bag? One section for greens, another for root crops, another for summer crops and another for everything else? I have one with four sections that each pull away (velcro). You could just grab the section that you need to plant and take it out to the garden. And, it should fit in the fridge…

  2. Emily says:

    The person who gave me this idea mentioned that she does roll it up for storage. As long as your seed packets aren’t open, it would probably work. Then you could still store in a compact way.

    Currently, I put my seeds in snack size bags, and file them in a box. However, they’re always getting messed up. I might try this pocket organizer to see how I like it.

  3. Caroline says:

    It’s an interesting idea, but these shoe bags are too big for me. I prefer to keep my seeds in the refrigerator. I’ve been trying to get them all into the same size ziplock baggies. I’ve been cutting out the relevant parts of the seed envelope and sticking it in the baggie with the seeds. Right now, they’re organized by type. Eventually, I’m going to get a bunch of those sports card saver sheets and organize them into a book that will fit in the fridge… At least that’s the plan! 🙂