Harvest Time! (and August update)

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11 Responses

  1. Melanie Large says:

    Wow. You got a lot of harvest there last month! Lot of beans and cucumbers! I love it! The carrots and the onions are also delightful! You have a lot of harvest for recipes! Me, I just got 2 pumpkins and 2 kilos of tomatoes plus 1 bowl of red hot chilis. LOL. But it is worth it. I made a spicy pumpkin soup with it.

  2. rose plated says:

    All of your harvests are really great! They are perfect especially the carrots. I have failure on planting carrots that’s why I should have a goal to make carrots like yours. I am envy of that. Lol. I can’t wait for your recipe.

  3. Isabella Cake says:

    Your harvest is certainly wonderful! I love the string beans and the carrots! The cucumbers are also delightful! My cucumbers are starting to set up some fruit and I will definitely make pickles out of them when they come to age!

  4. emilyrhp says:

    I actually just pulled the plants out of the ground. Sometimes a potato or two came out, but mostly they’re all still in the ground. I suppose you could wait until they turn brown; mine just seemed like they were done growing, so I pulled them.

  5. emilee says:

    did you just cut the tops off your potatoes? Mine have all fallen over but they are not brown or look like they are dying. Should I cut mine off too? Do the potatoes continue to grow after?

  6. Carmen says:

    I must have missed the post on the Borax? What did you do to the beets to make them look so good (probably wouldn’t have helped ours anyway – the rabbits ate them all).

  7. emilyrhp says:

    Barb–I did find information that said if temps go above 95 degrees the flowers will abort. That may be your problem. Another possibility is if the plants don’t have enough water. But you have to be careful about over-watering too, since that will cause the roots to rot.

  8. emilyrhp says:

    Deann–I followed the advice in Mel’s book the first year, and I did not feel like I had a prolific harvest. Since then I’ve tried horizontal trellises (worked great, takes lots of space) and this year big, tall, tomato cages. I prefer to give tomatoes really good support, and then let them grow like crazy. Except I grow one cherry tomato plant on a 4’x6′ trellis, and I DO prune those. Mostly to keep it from taking over the rest of the garden. I never pull off leaves, but the suckers (new growing tips) that grow between the leaves and the stem.

  9. Deann says:

    Thanks for the update Emily! How do you get your tomatoes so big? I remember the cages you built, is that what is on them? We tried the trellis in Mel’s book and trimming the side shoots that are just leaves, and they are only about 2/3 up the 6 ft trellis 🙁 Not nearly as many green tomatoes out there as I expected… and we only have 2 red so far. Glad to hear someone in UT got some broccoli too.. ours didn’t go so well. But we’re swimming in carrots and peppers!

  10. barbara says:

    Hi, love your site! Your garden looks wonderful. I planted pole beans, and got lots of flowers, but no beans, just wondering why. I live in Lancaster Pa, and we have had lots of 90 degree days. Thanks, Barb