Turnips are a hardy vegetable that grow best in cool weather.

Spring Planting

Plant seeds directly in the garden 6 weeks before the frost date. You can plant 16 per square and then thin them to 9 per square as you use the tops for greens.

If you live in a climate with hot summers, choose varieties that mature quickly.

Fall Planting

Plant seeds 10 weeks before the frost.

The plants will mature more slowly in the fall because the days are shorter, but since they can tolerate freezing temperatures, you can continue harvesting after the first fall frost.

If you live in a mild climate with a late or no fall frost date (after Nov 1), you might be able to grow turnips all during the winter.

Soil and Fertilizer

Turnips grows best in a rich soil; amend with lots of compost and fertilizer (chemical or organic) at planting and once during the season.

Fertilizer: 16-16-8 at planting, 21-0-0 six weeks after plants emerge.


Harvest when tops are 6-8″ tall and roots are 2-3″ in diameter.

Similar to: Rutabagas

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