Adventures in Eating

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17 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    We enjoy sweet potatoes often, and regular potatoes sometimes, but neither are a staple. We didn’t use these items to replace pasta, rice, or bread.

  2. Kate says:

    I’ve kept your newsletter with the link to this post in my inbox until I had time to read it thoroughly. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    I do have a quick question: Since you landed in a less-than-popular place concerning dairy on the Paleo diet, I was wondering what your family has been doing with potatoes and sweet potatoes?? Just curious.

  3. Meghan says:

    Just stumbled across your site while looking for info on garden planning, but I wanted to say congrats on your new eating lifestyle! I’ve been a paleo eater for about 1.5 years and love it! Our family doctor is very supportive of this lifestyle as yours was too. We have three kids under 5 who also eat this way and we’re all healthier than ever before. Congrats again! And I’m looking forward to exploring your site more.

  4. Raegan says:

    My husband and I are also paleo and love it! Once you get used to cooking paleo, it will actually be a faster way to cook. A few quick to cook meals we have are taco salad (minus the shell, of course), grilled chicken salad, or saute fish in butter. A very good and quick side is to saute chopped onion, sliced squash and sliced zucchinni in olive oil with a little pepper and butter. One of my favorite things for breakfast, other than bacon and eggs, is a fruit smoothie. I put ice, the juice of an orange, a banana, some pineapple and 2 big handfuls of spinach in a blender. My husband likes his with frozen blueberries, a banana, almond milk, and the spinach. You can’t taste the spinach at all! My kids love it! Good luck!

  5. Sabrina says:

    We started the paleo/primal lifestyle a few months ago. The holidays threw us off track and we are working our way back to the 80/20. It’s nice to have a blog that enjoys TWO things that I do 🙂 Gardening and paleo go hand in hand. A great way to cut down cost AND stay active!

  6. Emily says:

    Eggs are the new convenience food! My family does love bacon, but if the goal is weight loss, a little is better than a lot. 🙂

  7. Mary in FL says:

    PS: We’ve only been paleo since Saturday night (after supper), and we both put on our jeans last night without thinking about it or lying down on the bed to zip them up!

  8. Mary in FL says:

    Morgan, if you get up early enough to not be in a hurry, you might not burn the house down, but you could feel better!

    Sabine, if the oil is tasteless, it may have been processed. We use Nutiva coconut oil for cooking and for our skin:

  9. Sabine says:

    I am thrilled to hear about your eating adventure! I too started a month ago after reading about the Paleo Diet in my doctor’s waiting room. I tried to go vegetarian for a while because of my high cholesterol but when I read Rob Wolffs’ book on the Paleo Solution I was hooked! It makes so much sense to eat this way and it is much easier than I thought. My breakfast usually consists of a big bowl of veggies (thanks to frozen veggie bags from Trader Joes), an egg and grass fed turkey links or patties. Sometimes I only have time for a bowl of fruits with coconut milk. And this comes from a coconut hater! I couldn’t imagine I liked the coconut milk but I have integrated it into my daily diet. Trader Joe’s also has this amazing coconut cooking oil. I use it instead of olive oil and it’s virtually tasteless. My family never noticed when I made gluten free pasta tonight. Ha! I still haven’t told them. They are going Paleo and don’t even know it. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Morgan says:

    Wow I feel stupid for asking that question. Eggs and bacon, duh. I’ve gotten so used to thinking of breakfast as a convenience food because I don’t make time to cook. Actually if I tried cooking in the morning I’d likely burn the house down. I

  11. Yvonne says:

    I have never heard of the Paleo Diet but it sounds very similar to the South Beach concept except you are staying away from grains for life. Which makes sense to me. I limit my carbs as if I have too many what I call “evil” carbs after eating well for a while, I wake up the next morning with an “evil carb hangover”.
    I will definitely be looking into this subject in depth as my youngest son is starting to gain weight. He is 10 and has gone from wearing slims to huskies in the space of a couple of years. Way too many carbs in his diet. I really like the idea of transitioning the kids slowly. I didn’t really try too hard to change the whole family ate perhaps that should be my new resolution – get the family on a healthy diet, not just me.

  12. Wendy says:

    I read your blog post on the paleo diet yesterday and what do I find in my email this morning? An offer for paleo meal plans from (affiliated with FlyLady if you are familiar). It seemed serendipitous so I am including a link in case you are interested:

  13. Emily says:

    Keep in mind that I’m not super strict, but this is what breakfast usually looks like: bacon and eggs (family favorite). Or, omelet with onions, mushrooms, chopped bacon, peppers. For me, add cheese, but not for hubby. Or, cottage cheese and fruit. In an emergency, he takes a hard boiled egg or two with a piece of fruit and heads out the door. We (kids and I) also eat yogurt and whole what toast. That’s about the only grain left in our breakfast! I no longer buy cold cereal and buy MUCH less bread. I think that is one place we have cost savings.

  14. Mary in FL says:

    My, this is a timely post! I finally convinced DH to “go paleo.” Just a week ago he was complaining, “Why should I make rice when you don’t eat it half the time I make it?” Over the weekend, he connected the concept that cattle are given grains to fatten them up. Oh, Duuuuh!

    So, yeah, I guess we will have to put more thought into our garden, too.

  15. Morgan says:

    What do you eat for breakfast? I’m trying to imagine my life without oatmeal or cold cereal. I guess fruit, nuts and dairy?

  16. Jeanie R says:

    Emily, congrats on the change! And thank you for your candor about the time involved in cooking. Many do not make the switch to better eating because of the time required in the kitchen. If this challenged is embraced, cooking can become creative and so satisfying. After decades of cooking for health I still thrill over a new recipe or a new combo of seasonings. Your garden will take on a whole new meaning and become an essential part of the creative process.

  17. chuck says:

    i have been doing paleo for over 5 years and love it. i wish i had a doctor as progressive as your husband’s. i came to gardening because of paleo. high quality food became a big part of my life. it just made sense to cultivatre my own veggies. i then came to square foot gardening as a way to get more out of less. thus i ended up following your blog about 9 months ago. good luck with your journey to optimal health. the paleo diet will help you get there for sure.

    here is a blogpost i did that you may appreciate.