Building a Square Foot Garden Box (Vinyl)

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8 Responses

  1. John Sykora says:

    I used 4×4 posts, cut slots in the posts to attach the rails. I used/cut 5 ft rails and cut a bit off the ends to make 4′ x 4′ gardens. Didn’t trust the ground to keep the rails in the posts so I used screws as stops inside the posts to make sure they stayed. Carpenter father inlaw said it was not necessary but I’m not a pro.

  2. Emily says:

    I bought whatever size posts Home Depot had, and I think they were 5×5. I don’t adhere them at all, they just go together like lincoln logs. 🙂

  3. Scott says:

    Thanks for putting this together. It is very helpful.

    Are those the 5 inch by 5 inch posts? I saw 4×4 at the store but not sure if they would be suitable.

    Did you use any screws or adhesive to secure the rails to the posts?


  4. John Sykora says:

    We bought our rails from Menards and Hone Depot. Home Depot’s were special ordered through the building supplies and lumber. Menard’s had them on hand.

  5. Emily says:

    Home Depot. 🙂

  6. Rachel Bradley says:

    Hello, those look fantastic! May I ask where you purchased your vinyl rails? Harbor Freight? Thanks!

  7. Emily says:

    John–I bought grids from and For woodboxes, make them by putting a screw in the top every foot, then connect with kite string. For vinyl, I have not come up with a simple and easy do-it-yourself way. But my grids are dying, so I probably will have to do it soon!

    I didn’t reallysink my posts very far. I put gravel around mine, and that covers the small part at the bottom between the rail and the ground. But I did dig around the posts a little to get it level. A lot of elbow grease. 🙂

  8. John says:

    I noticed you did not say anything about what materials used to mark out one foot squares. What did you use and what was the cost? Also, how did you sink your posts when you placed your boxes in their homes? These are questions I am wrestling with at the moment.