Chicago Suburb Square Foot Garden 2013

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2 Responses

  1. Cindy says:

    I’m a fairly new gardener myself, and in my research Ive learned that tomatoes and peppers don’t like each other. That could be why your tomatoes didn’t do well last year. Planting them on opposite sides of the garden seems to work. That’s what I do; my closest plants are maybe 7′ apart, and they grew up nicely like that last year.

    My neighbor prefers to grow her tomatoes in 5-gallon buckets. She waters daily and uses Miracle Grow. Her tomatoes come up just fine!

  2. Cherry Downs says:

    Tomatoes are an acid loving plant. They like their soil a bit on the acid side. Sometimes brown edged, curled leaves is a sign of potassium deficiency as well as some blights. If it was a nutrition deficiency it could have been because your soil was too alkaline and the tomato plants did not have access to the potassium in the soil. Ideally you could have your soil tested for nutritionals and Ph values. Your local garden center could guide you to the correct amendment or treatment. I have clay soils here in KY so I had a bumper crop of tomatoes last year but poor yield of everything else. I was picking grape tomatoes in November! Good luck with your garden this year!