Gardening in the Round (Container Gardening)

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3 Responses

  1. Mike Layser says:

    Hey!! That’s what I’m doing! I got 50 tree pots for ten bucks from a guy on craigslist and I’m using SFG method on an elevated raised bed. Great minds think alike 😉

    I started with cutting milk jugs in half, popping holes in the bottom and growing raddishes.

  2. Donna M. Bentkowski says:

    How do u prepare your containers,how many holes do u use and do u fill your containers with rocks or tiny rocks for drainage?Where did u get your containers from? Do you have any trouble with bugs? What do u do about them?Where do u get your containers?What kind of soil do u use?What kind of fertilizer do u use, and how often do u fertilize. Where do u buy your seeds? Do u use any seed starter ,special solution or special soil to start your seeds.Do u ever grow cucumbers in containers or any other vining plants? What kind of tomatoes and beans and peas do u grow in containers , do you need to use some kind of support? Can u be more specific on when you plant what seeds and how long it takes for them to grow big enough to put them outside. You have an amazing system? You need to video tape your process and post it on U-tube , from start to finish.Where did u buy your grow lights?

  3. Alan says:

    Hi James, Do you have a website? Your container gardening method looks very interesting. I would like to know more. Can you contact me at