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4 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    Tina–Sorry, I only answered half your question! No, if you do not trellis or support them, they will take 9 squares (sometimes more). With support they only need 2. Honestly, if you have a patch of dirt or a spot in a flower bed where they can sprawl, it’s better to plant them there. If you must plant in a square foot garden, trellis them.

  2. Tina @ Dewdrop Garden says:

    Thanks Emily, so that many melons really does okay in only 2 squares? Seems to me that 2-3 watermelons and 3-5 cantaloupe would take up more space than that. Do you have them grow up onto a trellis or just grow on the ground?

  3. Emily says:

    One melon plant will produce between 3-5 fruit per vine. Watermelons produce 2-3, while cantaloupe produce 3-5. This is in ideal conditions (sunlight, water, temperature).

  4. Tina @ Dewdrop Garden says:

    When you plant one melon seed, do you only end up with one melon or do you get more than one melon per seed? Also, when it starts to grow how do you keep in from getting into other squares, or does that not happen? This is my first garden.