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5 Responses

  1. Emily MySFG says:

    Where I live it gets too hot to plant spinach–it bolts right away. In areas with a cooler, longer spring that would be fine.

  2. Emily says:

    Mel’s book says you can stagger the harvest by planting again 3 weeks and one week out, then 9 and 7 weeks before the first frost. Have you had luck with that?

  3. Mary Beheler says:

    Spinach seed can benefit from “priming” if planted in the fall. http://www.growveg.com/growblogpost.aspx?id=174

  4. Katie says:

    The fertilizer lingo 10-10-10 refers to the ratio of plant nutrients, nitrogen: phosphorus:potassium. Also abbreviated as N:P:K. These numbers are listed on the label of fertilizer bags available for purchase. These ratios vary according to type of gardening one is doing. For example, fertilizing a grass lawn would require different ratios from fertilizing house plants.

  5. Kristi Brewer says:

    I don’t get the whole fertilizer lingo.

    Fertilizer: 10-10-10 at planting, 21-0-0 four weeks later.
    Can you help me understand.