Thai Green Curry with Rice

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2 Responses

  1. Angela says:

    My most favorite thing of all: GREEN CURRY! I like to make it with shrimp, but my favorite is scallops. My recipe is almost the same as yours, except I add about 1 1/2 Tbsp. of fish sauce for some extra zing, and a squirt of sarachi when I’m feeling “spicy.” You’re missing out on the best part: throw some basil in at the end. I grow Thai basil for this reason, but the more common Genovese/sweet basil works well, too.

    Also, I don’t worry about separating the can. I just use the whole can (or a half can when I’m making a smaller amount) and let it reduce in the wok/pot for about 5 minutes before adding veggies.

    Just my ideas… maybe give ’em a try when you’re feeling adventurous!

  2. Sheral schowe says:

    Delicious recipe. Thank you!