Sandra’s Square Foot Gardening Plan

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8 Responses

  1. Ashley says:

    Wow, such a great plan! I really like the layout and space she gave everything, this post really inspired me to get mine started next summer (I just have a sad little spot right now that I’m using). What color does Sandra garden from (I’m Blue, so I want to make sure we have similar locations before I borrow some of her ideas, hehe!). Thank you for such a great blog, Emily – it really is such a terrific resource!

  2. Emily says:

    If you are doing traditional gardening, it may not matter so much where you put the trellises because the plants are given a lot of space due to the rows. But when you remove the rows and grow intensively, tall plants will shade short ones, which could delay their growth. It’s recommended to put them on the north side, because the shade will fall to the north and won’t land on any other plants. If you WANT shade (for cool weather plants), plant them on the south! For companion planting suggestions, follow the link.

  3. Roland A Parker says:

    Hi Emily,
    I’ve done row gardening for several years with mixed result. Most of what I grow require cageing or trellising and I wonered if the trellis is always on the noth side of your garden? I’m also thinking of making two foot wide bed for tomatoes and a three foot wide for the squash. In Md we have really hot summers so lettuce, spinich, and radishes are what we call cool weather crops and I would like any suggestions for follow on/companion plantings with them.

  4. Jennifer Waite says:

    My husband built our8 8′ x 4′ vinyl garden boxes with vinyl from Home Depot. He just bought the square garden posts that you use for the fencing and cut 2 holes on 2 of the sides, then he slid the rails in. We filled the corner posts with dirt to help weigh it down and keep the rails from moving. We also have to posts 1/2 thru our long 8′ sides for extra support. We capped them with the decorative tops. We get compliments all the time.

  5. LeeAnn says:

    Hi Emily,

    I just found your website and I am amazed at all the information you have provided. You really got me excited to be growing a garden again.

    I was just wondering if you could provide specifics about your vinyl boxes. I’ve looked at the vinly fencing at the Home Depot website and I can’t find a post that would allow 2 cross planks right next to each other.

    Can you give me any more information about how you built your boxes?

    Thanks again!


  6. Honey says:

    I’ve had success with trelissing pumpkins & squash by using cattle fencing & fence posts. I put it at the side & would allow it to arc half way over the top of the walk where another one was coming up from the bed beside it. It made a lovely tunnel & always made me giggle to see them dangling. They were also perfectly round & beautiful those dangly ones. Be sure to check the top sides weekly. If you’re not careful those that rest against the wire can grow through the wire, be damaged by the wire or simply become gross. So check the tops & the arc & move them through so they’ll fall through the squares. Watermelon, tomatoes, cucs, etc can be hung this way too.


  7. Valerie says:

    WOW, great tips, I have heard that you can plant your pumpkins with your corn. We can plant earlier here so I am trying that this year, by the time the corn is done the pumpkins ought to be taking over and I can just pull up the stalks. My corn/pumpkin experiment will be in 4’x8′ boxes and I had a friend tell me she snipped the end of her pumpkin vines to stop them from getting longer and she yielded more pumpkins this way.

  8. michelle says:

    I am TOTALLY inspired by this post! Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts with us too… helps me think about my own plans. 🙂