St Louis Square Foot Gardening Plan

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4 Responses

  1. Terry Bryan says:

    There is a great place to get compost in the St. Louis area. It is called St. Louis Composting. There are several locations. You might want to check out the website. I have gotten compost there for my squarefoot boxes. You wouldn’t need to buy five different kinds as this is made from different types of composted materials already.

  2. eryanv says:

    @Anthony The varieties of tomatoes that I planted are indeterminate (vining). As long as I keep the number of vines to a minimum and provide a trellis for support, they should do fine within a square foot. If they were bush varieties they would need closer to the 4-9 sq ft you mentioned.

  3. Anthony Potocki says:

    It,s hard to tell by the pictures But, could your tomatoe plants be too close together? Minimally, they should be 30 in. apart. Ideally 36in.

  4. Frank Sharpe says:

    Looks great and you are off to a great start with your raised beds. Good Luck. Been gardening for 45 years.